Nic Poulos

Venture Capitalist in New York

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I'm a venture investor with over 10 years of experience in enterprise technology, including roles in operations and finance. As a Partner at Bowery Capital, I focus on thesis-driven, early-stage, B2B investments. Areas of particular experience include SaaS, data, AI / ML, B2B marketplaces, logistics, and vertical cloud software. I'm infinitely curious and an ardent founder advocate.

Prior to forming Bowery Capital, I was an investor at AOL Ventures, where I helped back 20+ startups. Earlier, I worked in Strategy & Business Development at AOL Corporate. I began my career in Tech Investment Banking with GCA (fka Savvian), where I supported M&A and Private Capital advisory in the firm’s Internet group.

Having lived in Manhattan for a decade, I'm officially a New Yorker. I'm also a proud Bay Area native and visit SF close to monthly. I also frequent Pittsburgh, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, Toronto, London, and Barcelona. Outside of travel, I love reading, history, public policy, bourbon, SCUBA, animals, golf, poker, and meeting new people.

I also spend time building a non-profit called Impact. We host live, expert-led debates on top social and political issues. Our goal is to promote a new kind of civic activism: rigorous, fact-based, and non-partisan.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, a warm intro is best, but I also check LinkedIn and Twitter. Thanks for reading.

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