Nic Poulos

Venture Capitalist in Los Angeles, CA

What I'm Looking For -- To partner with Series A and B founders solving big problems in the Built World (ideally ones with $5m+ run-rate, 20%+ QoQ growth, and software margins). I like to help CEOs early and often.

What is Built World Technology? -- Software / hardware changing the way physical space is used, managed, or monetized. Creators of major economic value for businesses or consumers in sectors such as real estate, retail, construction, logistics, and transportation.


My Role -- Partner at Fifth Wall, where I lead $10-20m venture investments in Built World Technology businesses at post-traction, pre-Growth stages.

Bio -- VC with 10 years' experience leading thesis-driven investments in high-growth technology startups. Strong track record helping scale B2B SaaS and marketplaces. Curious, results-driven, and an ardent founder advocate.

Prior & Other -- Fmr. Partner & co-founder at Bowery Capital. Board member at Impact Public Service Fund. Raised in SF; spent 11 years NYC; now living in LA.

  • Work
    • Fifth Wall
  • Education
    • Princeton University