Nic Poulos

Venture Capitalist in New York

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Hi, I’m Nic. I’m a venture capitalist at Bowery Capital investing in enterprise software businesses (all B2B, mostly SaaS). Key areas of focus: (1) machine learning (narrow AI, NLP, computer perception); (2) logistics, supply chain & industrial connected devices; (3) vertical software, including healthcare IT; and (4) mapping & modeling (e.g. for CAD, navigation, enterprise AR).

I spend most of my time in New York City (where I live) and San Francisco (where I'm from). I love travel, film, poker, dogs, trivia, science fiction, philosophy, and history. I also work with Impact New York, a non-profit promoting effective, non-partisan social impact initiatives. Short of an intro, best to reach me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • Work
    • Bowery Capital
  • Education
    • Princeton University
    • Branson School